About Us

Nepal Pashmina Shawls Pvt. Ltd . . Is one of the best destination for all kinds of handmade pashmina product  in Nepal. Nepalese pashmina is famous all around the world for its quality and good performance. Pashmina is one of the finest, softest, warmest and lightest wool developed from  the finest inner wool that grows as layer at the very bottom of thick and course fiber of Himalayan goat, which is known as chyangra.

 Each chyangra does produce 90 grams of pashmina once a year. It is extracted from its body either by wounding or by cutting during a month of January to February. In fact, it is the best wool in the world which is suitable and comfortable for the product of pashmina shawls, pashmina stole, sweaters, blankets etc. Pashmina is known by different names like "Diamond Fiber" and "Soft Gold of High Asia". It is an unparallel in uniqueness and elegance to any other fibers